Robert A. Bennett

Director of Public Services

Jeff Clark

Assistant Water Superintendent

Johnson City Water Department
243 Main Street
Johnson City, New York 13790

Office Hours:
7:00am – 3:00pm

Phone: (607) 797-2523 
Fax: (607) 798-9175

johnson city water department

The Village of Johnson City Water Department operates the water system within the requirements of the New State Sanitary Code, Part 5, Subpart 5-1, Public Water Systems.

The Water Department supplies water for Johnson City, the Westover, Fairmont Park and Choconut Center parts of the Town of Union, the Broome County Airport and Landfill, parts of the Town of Dickinson, the Binghamton-Johnson City Sewer Plant Terminal Pumping Station and part of the Village of Endicott. The system also has emergency interconnections with the City of Binghamton and Town of Vestal.

The Department maintains seven water storage reservoirs, five wells, four booster stations, 550 hydrants, approximately 2500 valves and over eighty miles of water mains. The Department provides safe potable water for the consumption of the consumers it serves.

The Water Department prides itself in providing safe drinking water and an adequate supply of water for Fire Protection and Sanitary needs.

Click here to view the 2018 Johnson City Annual Water Quality Report.


Water bill is based on your water meter reading every three months.


Year of Rate Change Minimum Bill (0-1,000 cubic feet) Cost per 100 cubic feet over the 1,000 c.f. minimum
  Inside Village Customer Outside Village Customer    
2014 $30.00 = $0.004/gallon $40.00 - $0.005/gallon $3.25 $4.00
2018 $40.00 = $0.005/gallon $50.00 = $0.007/gallon $4.25 $5.00


Water bills in the Village of Johnson City are generated quarterly. The bill itself not only reflects the amount owed for water but also for sewer and refuse. The water and sewer are based on water consumption and the refuse is a flat fee.

The lowest a quarterly water bill can be for residents living inside the Village using 1000 cu.ft. or less is $160.00 ($40 for water, $50 for sewer and $70 for refuse). Water usage over 1000 cu.ft. is $4.25/100 cu.ft.

For residents living outside of the Village, water usage 1000 cu.ft. or less is $50.00. Usage over 1000 cu.ft. is $5.00/100 cu.ft. 

SEWER RATES are $50.00 for 1000 cu. ft. or less of water usage. Over 1000 cu. ft. of usage will result in a sewer rate of $5.25/100 cu.ft.

The water consumption for the bill is obtained through an outside reading devise (ARB) attached to your home. If the Water Department is unable to get a reading, the owner is notified either by tagging the home or by a letter, then the homeowner needs to contact the Water Dept. (607-797-2523) so the problem can be addressed.

When the water bills are mailed out, customers will call when the bill reflects a higher dollar amount (cost) resulting from more water used (consumption). They believe the reading is wrong. The Water Dept. will reread the meter from the ARB, but the homeowner can also do it. The meter is usually in the basement, just read the numbers from the left to right and compare the reading with the reading on the most current bill (present reading). If it is the same or more, the reading is correct. Higher consumption can result from leaky faucets or toilets and a water softener recharging too often. When a water meter goes bad it will slow down, not speed up.

Below is a Water Cost Comparison Chart comparing the cost of a gallon of water to other products and how much a dollar ($1.00) will buy of each of the items listed.

Cost Per Gallon 
$1.00 Buys
JC Water Inside Rate ($30/1000 cu.ft.)
249 gallons
0.53 gallon
0.50 gallon
Soda ($0.99/liter)
0.27 gallon
Bottled Water ($4-$6/case)
Bottled Water at a Stop & Shop ($1.09/bottle)
0.12 gallon

Other Facts:

  • A dripping faucet or fixture can waste 3 gallons of water a day
  • A continuous leak from a hole or a stream of water (faucet running) would, over a 3-month billing period, waste water in the amount shown below:
    • 1/16” diameter stream – 74,000 gals, 9,850 cu.ft.
    • 1/8” diameter stream – 296,000 gals, 39,400 cu.ft.
    • 3/16” diameter stream – 666,000 gals, 89,031 cu.ft.
    • 1/4” diameter stream – 1,181,500 gals, 158,000 cu.ft.


Companies have been mailing solicitations to customers of the Johnson City Water System offering water service repair coverage for customer water service lines. This solicitation is not part of the Johnson City Water System Meter Replacement Program and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Village of Johnson City or the Johnson City Water System in any way.

The Johnson City Water System customers are not obligated to accept this offer of repair coverage.

Be advised, however, the costs of any necessary repairs to a customer’s service line from the water shut-off to the building are the responsibility of the water customer.

For more information, please contact Robert Bennett, Director of Public Services at 797-3031 or the Johnson City Water Department at (607) 797-2523.

This notice is being sent to you by the Johnson City Water Department, State Water System ID#: NY0301668.

  • After Hour Emergencies

    If you have a DPW Emergency and it is after 2:30pm or during a weekend or holiday, please call the Johnson City Police Department at (607) 729-9321. The Police will contact the on-call foreman.