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The Planning Board is an independent body comprised of five members appointed by the Mayor. Each member serves a five year term, with one member's term expiring each calendar year. There are no term limits for Planning Board members.

The Planning Board reviews site plans for building construction, additions, rehabilitations, land partitions, change of building use, change of building tenants, and sub-divisions to ensure that the plans comply with the code and law.

Typical site plan features include, but are not limited to:

  • Building layout
  • Means of access
  • Parking layout
  • Lighting
  • Landscape
  • Drainage
  • Screening
  • Architectural features
  • Traffic impacts
  • Water and sewer impacts

If the site plans are approved, a building permit can be issued to a developer. If the zoning ordinance can not be complied with, the applicant is directed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Working in conjunction with the Village Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals, some projects may have Public Hearings scheduled by the appropriate body, giving neighbors and Village residents an opportunity to comment on the proposal.

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the second floor board room at Village Hall, 243 Main St., with a work session at 7:00pm. Meetings are subject to change from the published schedule due to holidays or the Board’s agenda.

2019 Planning Board Members Term Expires

Gerald Putman, Chairman

December 31, 2021

Andrew Holbert, Vice Chairman

December 31, 2019

Gregory Matyas, Secretary

December 31, 2020

Matt Cunningham

December 31, 2023

Mary Jacyna

December 31, 2022

Kim Cunningham, Clerk to the Planning & Zoning Boards – (607) 797-9098


Comprehensive Plan

Click here to view the Town of Union, Village of Endicott, Village of Johnson City Unified Comprehensive Plan


Planning boards have two types of powers: advisory and regulatory. Advisory powers come from either State statute or the local governing board. Planning boards offer advice on the following items:

  • Comprehensive plans and plan amendments
  • Land use regulations
  • Land use studies, maps & reports
  • Proposed actions by other boards
  • Area & Use variance requests

Land Use Regulations: State statues authorize the Planning Board to recommend to the governing board regulations relating to any subject matter over which the Planning Board has jurisdiction. Adoption of regulations must be by local law or ordinance.

Studies, Maps & Reports: The Planning Board has the authority to make investigations, maps, reports and recommendations relating to the planning and development of the municipality as it seems desirable.

Referrals from other Boards: The governing board may provide by resolution for the reference of any matter to the planning board before final action is taken on it by an office or officer of the municipality. The office or officer of the municipality with jurisdiction can be prevented from acting until the planning board has submitted its recommendation, or until a reasonable amount of time has passed in which the planning board could have made a recommendation.

Area Variances: When one or more aspects of a project do not comply with the physical or dimensional restrictions in zoning regulations an area variance is necessary in order for the Planning Board to approve the application. When reviewing the area variance request, the Zoning Board of Appeals must request that the Planning Board provide a written recommendation concerning the proposed variance.

Subdivision plats showing cul-de-sacs or corner lots off loop roads often need area variances. The unusual shapes of the lots may not conform to traditional zoning requirements that require minimum frontage or certain width to depth ratios. The need for the variance is often identified by the local official receiving the application, who may suggest the subdivision applicant also apply to the zoning board of appeals. Review may continue on the subdivision plat pending ZBA action, but the planning board should not take final action prior to the ZBA acting on the variance request.

Use Variances: A variance that authorizes a land use not normally permitted by the zoning ordinance. When reviewing the use variance request, the Zoning Board of Appeals must request that the Planning Board provide a written recommendation concerning the proposed variance.

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