Celebrating 100 years


Your Public Home Library
107 Main Street
Johnson City, NY 13790

Phone: (607) 797-4816

Your Home Public Library

Johnson City Library

Your Home Public Library was created in March of 1917. It grew out of the clear thought and careful planning of Harry L. Johnson, then the Vice President of the Johnson City Literary Society.

The library building was originally the old Brigham homestead, erected by Elijah Brigham in 1850. The old farm house was of wooden construction but was later replaced by a much finer homestead, the foundations, walls and partitions were built using brick from the Brigham Brick Yard, situated just north of the library building. The newer homestead was erected in 1885 and it was this building, with its broad lawns and pleasant verandahs chosen by Mr. Johnson and the Endicott Johnson Corporation as the site of the present library. The library was owned and entirely supported by the Endicott Johnson Corporation until September 1921 when it was incorporated. In 1938 the library building was purchased by the Village of Johnson City.

The library building is listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places.

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