Employment Opportunities in Johnson City, NY

The Village of Johnson City is a great place to work and raise a family. Within the Village their are many opportunities for employment. Candidates may find positions in retail, healthcare, education, technology and a variety of specialized industries.

Below is a guide for those seeking to become an employee of the Village of Johnson City.

The Village of Johnson City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Employment - Village of Johnson City


Contractor’s Notice
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Full-Time Planner
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Full-Time Account Clerk
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The Village of Johnson City complies with NYS Civil Service Law and regulations. The majority of our full-time clerical and supervisory positions are competitive under Civil Service and require examinations. These positions are filled from Broome County Civil Service competitive lists of eligible persons.

Please visit the Broome County Personnel Office for more information.


To apply for public works, part-time, and other non-competitive, exempt, and labor class positions, send your resume and a completed employment application to the Village of Johnson City, 243 Main Street, Johnson City, NY 13790.


The Village employs part time employees in the parks, recreation, water and public works departments during the summer season. Village of Johnson City residents receive first priority for these positions.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for these summer positions in late winter, early spring as hiring decisions are made by May 1st. Applicants under the age of 18 are prohibited from operating the Carousel and/or working with motor driven equipment. Applicants under 18 must also provide valid working papers.

To apply for these positions, send a completed employment application to the Village of Johnson City, 243 Main Street, Johnson City, NY 13790.


Employment with the Police department may be obtained in the following ways:

In New York State, you must be a NYS resident to become a police officer and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

If you ARE already a police officer in NYS:

A candidate may transfer from another police or sheriff's department within NY State if he/she is a full-time police officer (as recognized by the New York State Civil Service System) for a period of at least one year. If you are interested in transferring into our department please send your resume to:

Chief Brent G. Dodge
Johnson City Police Department
31 Avenue C
Johnson City, NY 13790-2289

If you ARE NOT a police officer in NYS:

You must first pass the entry level NYS Civil Service Exam for Police Officer. These examinations are scheduled by the Broome County Office of Personnel on an "as needed" basis. Applicants who successfully pass are then ranked on an eligibility list by their test scores. Special consideration is sometimes given for active military personnel or veterans.

Before being hired by our agency a recruit must also pass extensive background and psychological checks, a physical fitness test and oral interview by police administrators and the Village Board. The recruit must then graduate from a NYS certified Police Basic Recruit School which is approximately six months long (recruits are paid full salary and benefits while in school).

If you are interested in employment with our agency, you may obtain more information by contacting:

Broome County Department of Personnel
Government Plaza - Hawley St
Binghamton, NY 13901
Phone: 607-778-2185

Crossing Guards: If you are interested in becoming a crossing guard please contact the JCPD Traffic Division at 607-729-9322 Ext. 235.


Career Firefighter Requirements:

To qualify for employment as a career firefighter, an individual must:

  • Meet residence requirements, if they exist
  • Apply for and take an entry-level Civil Service test periodically given by the municipality in question.
  • Successfully pass an agility test and physical.
  • Be reachable on the finalized list once vacancies are being filled.
  • Be selected as a probationary firefighter.
  • Successfully complete basic firefighter training and departmental requirements within required time frames.

Contact the Broome County Civil Service Office or the Fire Department for complete details of requirements and procedures.